“At the Intersection of ‘Yes Ma’am’ and ‘Dude’ “

I admit it: I live in a bit of a fantasy world. Don’t worry, there is no real break with reality, I just prefer to think that life is like a colorful, interesting movie with a great soundtrack. Honestly, why would you choose otherwise when regular life is so mundane, frustrating, and just so darn…LIFE-Y?

Anyone who tries to get my head out of the clouds, and wants me to be more “realistic” (ugh!) is doomed to failure. But have no fear: LIFE does a pretty good job of bringing me right back down to earth, where I land with a *PLUNK*.

This is what happened when my intrepid husband and I stayed at the seemingly fabulous Thunderbird Inn in Savannah. This is a bona fide retro motor lodge built in 1964, 2-story, drive-up style. You can’t miss this place: it has the MOST stunning neon sign:


and the exterior has an authentic mid-60s color scheme:


The outside is so well done, they have added little touches like retro bicycles, and the whole thing looks just untouched by time. Really cool.

Well mister, I took one look at that place and the Movie Music just swelled in my head… Dean Martin “Everybody Loves Somebody” and The Shangri-Las… how wonderful it would be to stay there!

So when we found ourselves with two events in Savannah on consecutive days, my husband suggested we stay there, for fun. I was so excited, and promptly exclaimed that we would have to take our dinner to-go in the room in order to spend as much time as possible in that groovy setting.

At check-in we were “upgraded” to a King Suite. Sweet! When we got to the door of our room, there was a sign saying that the bed had the Magic Fingers Feature. Fantastic! As visions of ambiance danced in my head we opened the door, entered the room, and *PLUNK*! I was yanked flat out of my movie soundtrack and I thudded down to earth.

Let’s just say… the ultra-cool, retro vibe of the exterior did not extend into the room! It was an ugly, plain, not-very-stylish hotel room. In really the lower levels of hotel rooms I have ever stayed in in my life. Furnishings? Bland. Walls? Bare. Color scheme? Beige. It was such a letdown. And the King Suite designation? Seemed to be because there was a large fold-out couch uncomfortably shoved between the bed and door.

tbird 2

And the Magic Fingers? We never did get that to work.


Disappointing, to say the least. After we went OUT to dinner (definitely not taking it to our room) I kept my husband out walking the streets, here and there, to avoid actually hanging out in this room. But when we returned, I had to acknowledge that the room was actually quite clean, the A/C unit worked well, and the bed was super-comfortable.

That night I slept ridiculously well, because the bed WAS so comfortable, and I woke feeling refreshed. We headed towards the lobby to get coffee, and this is what we saw:



Oh joy!!! Cue the soundtrack! The movie continues!

tbird 1

2 thoughts on ““At the Intersection of ‘Yes Ma’am’ and ‘Dude’ “

  1. I grew up right around the corner from one of these motels (meaning my childhood is ‘retro’) and even way back then I thought that sign was fab-u-lous. I used to shout “What’s the word? Thunderbird!” everytime I passed. Side note: It was also the classy place to rent a room and lose your virginity for local high schoolers. I can see it still having that kind of aura.

    • OMG, is this it?
      Thunderbird Beach Resort
      I thought maybe there was a chain of Fabulous Thunderbird Inns, but this one looks just different enough…
      I love that this was a part of your childhood, and dare we say… your “coming of age”?

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