NEW “Frequent Feature”: Secondhand Rose


I am a fan of good consignment stores, vintage clothing stores, and certain thrift stores as well, and Hilton Head has the BEST second-hand stores I have ever seen.  For a few reasons:

  • Folks move here in droves from places like Ohio and New Jersey and they feel they need to REFRESH their LOOK cuz here on The Island we have an entirely different vibe.  (Sometimes I think they think they only need shorts and flip-flops to survive here…and maybe they do!)
  • Many people move here for the last chapters of their life, and there may be some down-sizing going on as they, um, move through, like, the last few passages.  :-/
  • Some CRAZY people have TWO houses, and they try to split their time, and go back and forth seasonally, but it never really is THAT clearly defined, and so they end up with just too damn many CLOTHES!  (i.e. Marsha Harris!)….(my mum.)

In any case, their…..whatever….is my gain.  And could be yours too!  In a few of these stores you have to dig, but in most of them the clothes are exceptionally displayed and arranged.  Sometimes the prices may seem a bit high for secondhand stuff, but in any case it is MUCH less than regular retail.  And it can be a much more unique and creative shopping experience!

Every so often I will showcase outfits that I have put together from these stores to hopefully inform and inspire you about the fun and Fashion Possibilities here on HHI.

Everything in the photo is from local consignment stores.  Isn’t it cute?  Here’s the 411:

Dress: Wool blend; J Crew; $24.99………Sacks Consignment, 1012 Wm Hilton Pkwy

Hat: Wool/polyester; 5/48; $15…………..Chella D, South Island Square, 841 Wm Hilton Pkwy

Charm Bracelet: Silver/gold accents; Brighton; $35………..Stock Exchange, 1401 Main St